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Welcome to Masters Cycling Coaching (MCC)

A Coaching and Support Service for Masters and Older Cyclists

Challenging your Limitations

“With appropriate training, the physiological impact of ageing can be hugely reduced and Masters and older cyclists can achieve levels of performance beyond their imaginations.”

This is an extract from my series of blogs on Going the Distance and my services aims to help Masters and older cyclists challenge perceived limitations and be the best that they can possibly be.

This is achieved by:

      • Providing a training programme that will fit the unique physiology, goals and life circumstances of each individual
      • Applying the most up-to-date knowledge and experience on the unique training needs of older riders
      • Challenging the prejudices and lack of knowledge that create barriers for older athletes
      • Giving riders belief that they can achieve standards and accomplishments they have only dreamed about and providing a pathway to do so
      • Hosting my various articles about cycling in one place.

When are you a ‘Master’ and What is ‘Old’?
Masters categories begin at 35 when performance begins to decline.

However, this is very variable between individuals and between different types of cycling. This is because our different physiological systems do not decline at the same rate and individuals can vary greatly. The body begins to work in different ways and needs different levels of training stimulus and recovery. I have explained  this further in this article …

There is, of course, no ‘too old’ category.

Who is this Service For?
This service is for any older cyclist in the Masters categories who wishes to improve and reach his or her goals.  These include:

            • Those new to the sport and wishing to gain reliable, knowledge and confidential information and advice
            • Leisure and sportive riders who wish to get faster and have specific goals
            • Those wishing to transition from leisure and sportive riding to racing
            • Those who were involved in other competitive sports when they were younger and now wish to get involved in cycling
            • Competitive cyclists who wish to improve with a programme designed specifically for them, and find out how good they can really become
            • Cyclists with busy lives who need to optimize the time they have available for training
            • Individuals interested in weight management and general fitness through cycling.

This list isn’t exhaustive of course – please contact … if you have specific queries about how Masters Cycling Coaching might help you.

Ring of the Reeks Sportive 2019

Ring of the Reeks Sportive 2019

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