Coaching and Mentoring

The coaching and mentoring I provide is designed to suit the unique needs and circumstances of each client. Therefore, it is flexible and can take various forms: for example, it could include:

  • A weekly training programme designed specifically for you – see more below
  • A consultation to answer your queries
  • Help with goal setting and planning
  • Or just get in contact for a general inquiry

My approach is based on a number of key principals

World Pursuit 2016A dynamic programme suited to your physiology and your life
Everybody is different in age, ability, goals and lifestyle. Therefore, the ‘one size fits all’ programme has  limitations.

I only deliver programmes developed specifically for the client and these are dynamic – i.e. they are adjusted and refined for the fluctuations in the cyclist’s development and the changing daily demands and routines of life.

A successful training programme has to fit into your life, not the other way around.

Goals focused
Your weekly programme will be designed as part of a broader plan aimed to progress your fitness development for you goals or key event. Some need help in clarifying their goals and this assistance can be provided.

Lifelong fitness, strength and health
I encourage athletes to thinks of ‘the long game’, beyond their immediate goals. While working towards these, we must always keep sight of the ‘bigger picture’ and the knowledge gained will help towards a healthier lifestyle, along with long-term strength, mobility and speed – into the foreseeable future.

Science-based, but balanced with wisdom
The physiology of older cyclists is different in many ways to that of younger people and their training requirements are therefore different. A lot of some good science on this has become available in recent years and my training programmes utilize this knowledge (some differences in physiological adaptation are explained in this blog …)

However, science also has its limitations and it is necessary to balance it with wisdom – the accumulated experience of older athletes, and that of coaches and therapists who work with older athletes.

I have written about balancing science and wisdom here ….

Learn and become independent
Some clients just want to let the coach do the thinking and they do the work which the coach prescribes. Others are more interested in understanding the process and learning about their bodies.

One of my aims is to help clients to learn about training and their own physiology, and to the help them become independent in this regard.


A typical training programme – what you get

track-champs-2017I work with only a limited number of riders on a week-to-week basis and a typical training programme involves:

    1. An initial period of discussion and consultation with you. This helps to identify and clarify your goals, current levels of fitness, and how your available time and lifestyle will affect your training.
    2. Then I develop an outline, year-long plan which can be adjusted as necessary
    3. Goal-setting is done for the first quarter
    4. A training programme is posted to your calendar (on TodaysPlan) and you also get your daily workout by email
    5. Once a week I do an analysis of your training data and provide feedback
    6. We discuss your progress as often as is necessary
    7. I do a quarterly review and adjust the plan if necessary, in consultation with you.
    8. The TodaysPlan software is normally used. You can see your training programme online and you also get your daily workouts by email. It also has many other useful communication and other functions which clients may use if they wish.

While this is ‘typical’, it can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Typical costs

The above arrangement typically costs 100 Euro (85 Sterling; 115 US Dollars) per month (with a small additional charge if TodaysPlan is used). You do not begin paying until your programme actually starts: there is no charge for the initial period of consultation and planning.

Please don’t hesitate to contact … if you would like to discuss any of the above.


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