Journey To a Start-Line

My main target for the 2019 season was the M60 National Track Championships in September. However, it was cancelled at the last minute and, following that somewhat wasted season of hard preparation, I decided to change tack and entered my first ultra-race: the 2,000Km TransAtlantic Way that was scheduled for June 2020.

I reckoned from the beginning that I had a 50/50 chance of getting to the start-line but that the journey would be interesting. Therefore, from January I began to save some images from my longer training rides so that I would have some memories of that journey recorded.

Covid-19 intervened of course, and the event was re-scheduled for September with a much reduced field of Irish racers only and the ‘short’ course reduced to 1,700k .

Happily, I made it to the start line and these are some of the images that I saved during that eight-month period (click on image for gallery view).

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