Additional Protein Needs for Older Athletes

This is a good GCN video on protein needs for cyclists and is well worth looking at. However, it doesn’t mention the fact that even more protein is normally recommended for older cyclists. This is a key aspect of recovery and performance, and therefore worth paying attention to.

Recommendations on how much more protein should be consumed by older athletes vary quite a bit from source to source. This also depends on your normal diet and the type of training being undertaken at any particular time. Power and strength-type training, for example, will require more than endurance training.

The GCN video points out that protein consumption needs to be spread out during the day as only so much can be absorbed at any one sitting.

It also discusses the important role of ‘branch chain amino acids’ (BCAAs) in protein absorption, and which foods contain these. The video focuses on natural foods mostly and natural is always best.

However, the issue can seem quite complicated for some. Knowing the amount of protein and BCAAs available in normal food, how much should be consumed, the timing, and such like can be daunting, especially for those who don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination.

If this is the case it is worth considering supplementing natural foods with additional protein, especially during blocks of intense training.

However, not all supplements are equal. Some, for example, will not contain the necessary BCAAs (if they are not being consumed from good, natural foods). So, if in doubt, get advice on this from a reliable source (I personally use Elivar which specialises on nutrition for masters athletes and I understand they are adding pure protein supplement to their range for 2017).

Drop me a message if you have any particular question.

Thanks for reading.

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